The department kicked off in 2011 as part of the school of environmental Technology’s effort in expanding its domain and strengthening the nations’ building industry by training professional builders who will forever change the face of building in the nation. The department has been nothing but success stories since its inception with great researches and programmes cutting across both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


The overall philosophy of the programme is to provide a broadly-based education and training at honours degree level with the aim of preparing the students to meet the growing complexity of building and construction processes in a changing and demanding technological and global environment. The programme is therefore designed to develop skills of communication, organization decision-making and technological advancement by employing the knowledge gained from various construction and management techniques to develop and advance the science and practice of building technology, construction management, building services and building maintenance for the development of the built environment.


Based on the foregoing programme philosophy, the major objectives of the department, among others, are to:

(a) Produce graduates with strong competence in the science, technology and management of the building process and with generalized knowledge of other professions in the building and allied professions in order to be able to relate effectively well in the building delivery process;

(b) Develop graduates with creative abilities which can be channeled to improve the quality of the built environment by making it safe, healthy, comfortable, durable but inexpensive to construct and easy to manage and maintain;

(c) Produce graduates with little or no further training upon engagement by employer and who can also be readily admitted and registered by the Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB) and Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON) and other allied professional bodies;

(d) Produce graduates who will ultimately be able to perform and function as contract manager, project management consultants, designers of building structures, maintenance managers, premises managers, facilities managers, building services experts, estimators, building officers, site agents and contractors; and

(e) Produce graduates who can advance postgraduate research in all aspects of building.